Vidya Kotamraju


Livestreaming May 6 & 7 at 7pm & May 8 at 4pm PDT

Join us for the live Q&A with Vidya Kotamraju following the May 7 performance!

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Vidya Kotamraju

Photo Ron Sangha Design Kasina Sree Vardhan

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Vidya Kotamraju is a Vancouver based Bharata Natyam dance artist. She is a graduate of the Jai Govinda Dance Academy.

Vidya has performed for Mandala Arts and Culture, notably in The Temptation of Buddha and The Monk and The Courtesan. She has also performed for the Dance Centre's Silk Route Festival, Wish 150 A Long Way Home Exhibit, PNE's Spirit of India Festival, Namaste Canada, Diwali in BC (Shyama), DiwaliFest and International Indian Cultural Festival among others. Vidya currently serves on the Boards of New Works and Mandala Arts and Culture.

Longing... is a two-part performance based on the universal themes of romantic and spiritual yearning for love, companionship and oneness.

I. I and He

"Dear Friend, please bring my beloved Krishna to me. Nostalgic as I am of all those magical moments spent with him, I passionately yearn for his presence."

II. Thou and Me

"Oh Shiva! intoxicated as I am by the beauty of your dance, I yearn for your presence.

Oh beautiful Lord with matted long hair, adorned with snakes, with the crescent moon and divine river on your head, I long to see your marvelous dance. I implore you to come and bless me with your grace."

Vidya Kotamraju, Videography Jo Hirabayashi, Music Rekesh Chauhan & Nandini Shankar


I and He

Choreography: Bragha Bessell

Vocals: Hariprasad

Poetry: Jayadeva (12th Century, India)


Thou and Me

Choreography: Jai Govinda

Music: Recorded under direction of Balasubramaniam Sharma (Copyright Mandala Arts and Culture)

Poetry: Paapanaasam Sivan (20th Century, India)


Performance & Visual Direction: Vidya Kotamraju

Prelude Music: Rekesh Chauhan & Nandini Shankar

Prelude Choreography: Vidya Kotamraju

Outside Eye: Nova Bhattacharya

Graphic Design: Kasina Sree Vardhan, Matar Media & Engin Akyurt

Makeup: Ashika Narayan

Videography: Jo Hirabayashi