Livestreaming May 27 & 28 at 7pm & May 29 at 4pm PDT
Join us for the live Q&A with CAMP following the May 28 performance!

CAMP Photo Yours Truly

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CAMP is an artist run entity that is focused on the collaborative process of art making. Our mandate is to promote dialogue and care between artists throughout each step of the creative process and to make dance in a collective sharing of ideas, while supporting each collaborator’s artistic development, use of voice, and furthering of identity. CAMP has had the opportunity to research through residency programs and generous donors such as: Mascall Dance, The Dance Centre’s 12 Minutes Max, Dance Victoria studios and Vanleena Dance Studios. 

As artistic collaborators and dance interpreters we have had the opportunity to work and perform with incredible dance makers such as: Action at a Distance, Wen Wei Dance, 605 Company, FakeKnot, Raven Spirit Dance Company, Kate Franklin, Kinesis Dance Somatheatro, Ne. Sans Opera & Dance, Joshua Beamish/MOVETHECOMPANY, The Vancouver Opera, Tara Cheyenne Performance, Vision Impure, Heather Dotto, Heather Laura-Gray, Jennifer Mcleish-Lewis, Alameda Civic Ballet Company, Company Joe Ink, the response., TWObigsteps Collective, WAREhaus Dance Collective, Out Innerspace Dance Theatre, Mascall Dance, Mahaila Patterson O’Brien, Rachel Meyers, Anya Saugstad, Dance Victoria (Emerging Choreographic Lab).


Choreographer-Dancers: Brenna Metzmeier, Eowynn Enquist, Isak Enquist,

Ted Littlemore & Sarah Formosa

Director of Photography: Russell Lee 

Outside Eye: Justine A. Chambers 

Lighting Designer: Jonathan Kim 

Sound Designers: Stefan Nazarevich , Isak Enquist & Ted Littlemore

Promotional Video Credits

Video Editor: Ted Littlemore

Assistant Videographer: Navid Charkhi

CAMP's new dance work, WANTED, is a fantastical exploration of the light and dark extremes of humanity, told through the lens of the cowboy. In a performance rich with artifice, aesthetic, exaggeration, and comedy, we take a campy dive into themes of systemic evil. Panic, blame, and desperate acts of self-preservation rise to the surface, and in turn, so do escapism and indulgence.


We are referencing iconography of the cowboy for its wealth of imagery, a sense of nostalgia, and fantasy. The violence entrenched in the history of the Wild West provides a dynamic backdrop for our characters as they try to negotiate their day to day lives.


The growing athleticism of the movement unravels our humanity in a performative storm of hysterical emotions, cycling through versions of happiness, sadness, and anger with extreme physicality. And increasingly, the storm is broken by moments of self-awareness, where we are forced to reconcile with the sins that are committed in the throes of chaos.